Thursday, 4 April 2013

Has anyone got any thoughts to share about this app?


Welcome to Google+, +Tony Prosser, how are you?

Welcome to Google+,  +Tony Prosser, how' are you? 

I keep seeing better and better animations and keep remembering the wonderful work that you guy guys showed me at Realtime.    If you ever come down to London then let's share a coffee.  We may be able to learn for  we both have been doing over the past few years and probably find a way of helping each other or helping someone we know. 

To the wider world, if you really want to see what the creativity of the UK is famous for, go and look at Tony's web site and the projects he has worked on. It will blow your mind.  Only the best of the best.

Its now being set as the default.

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Gmail's new compose now default

Posted by Phil Sharp, Product Manager You are busy people, so it's no surprise that an overwhelming number of you opted to try out Gmail's faster, simpler compose experience after it launched last Oct...


Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, by Adam Grant

I've pre-ordered this book based n the reviews its getting and the fact that i seems to validate the way I live my own life. 

As Adam Rifkin, a serial entrepreneur who is the most linked-in person on LinkedIn said,  

"You should be willing to do something that will take you five minutes or less for anybody."


Hi +Emma Bannister, How is the world at GAP?

Hi +Emma Bannister, How is the world at GAP?

Hope you are keeping well and your team is still as effective as it was when we last met.  I'm now involved with a company based in Malta offering companies like yours an alternative to far shore locations.  If you want to know more then please ping me back and I can give you a ring.  

I'm sure that your clients are keeping you busy with those fantastic Microsost projects taht you have always excelled at.  Keep well,  Prem

Download this now.

It's free and +Quickoffice will liberate your Google Docs.    I've been using it for years and it's brilliant.  Even more brilliant that it's now free. Thank you #Google  

h/t +Thomas Morffew 

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New Quickoffice app released.

Hi +Richard Goodfellow, welcome to Google+

Hi +Richard Goodfellow, welcome to Google+.  

Hope all is well at Scancell.  It's been a long time since we last chatted over a glass of wine and some sausage rolls.  Love to catch up and understand what's happening n the land of Biotech.  If you come to London, ping me and let';s share a coffee.   Keep well.  Prem

Fantastic real life suggestions on how to use Gmail filters

+Tom Voute is a genius when it comes to optimising his and his company's use of Google Apps.  If you don't have him in a circle then you should.  

Also think about joining this group:

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Each month I get this Gmail summary for Apps (workmail) and Gmail (personal). I always wanted to do some analysis to thes...

Comment on According to the new +BBC News "Great British Class Calculator", I am… by Chris Gare

<p>You scored higher than me.  Emergent service workers</p>...

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<p><span><span>+</span><a href="">Prem Gyani</a></span> ;)</p>...